Location: Philadelphia, PA

First Broadcast: April 30, 2016 

Story: We are known as the COMMUNITY UNITY STATION. The place where Independent Music Artist get their music PLAYED! We saw that on the underground music scene. There are many independent artist, that are not receiving a proper chance to get their music heard & evaluated by a wide range of listeners that can give them instant feedback on their music. To them we say: "This is your STATION!" We have been broadcasting for only a year so far, and is one of the fastest rising radio stations on the internet. So welcome to being a part of this fast growing radio evolution! We are a completely interactive station that, along with Independent music. We also offer: a Sports Talk Show, an Old School Hip-Hop Show, & an Old School R&B Talk Show. With much much more on the way! Thank you and KEEP LISTENING!



Title: CEO, Host, Producer, Engineer

Phone: (215) 377-9546 ext. 1

Email: tnurs123@gmail.com

Experience: Recording Engineer for 6yrs, Owner MTM Management, 


Title: Co-Host, Host of Jabs Corner

Phone: (215) 377-9546 ext. 4

Email: shalamarrajab@gmail.com

Experience: Music & Comedy               Recording Artist, Very Opinionated

Huff (TNURS)

Title: Host of Huff on the Block

Experience: Recording Artist,  

Stanley J (TZ)

Title: Host 

Phone: (215) 377-9546 ext. 2

Email: thinkzone227@gmail.com

Experience:  Trained in radio by the legendary "Gorgie Woods & Carl Helm" Winner of 2016 WTNU's Show of the Year

Willy Beegle (BM)

Title: Host, Producer, Engineer

Phone: (215) 377-9546 ext. 3

Email: willybeegle@yahoo.com

Experience: Music Recording Artist, Winner of 2016 WTNU's Host of the Year

Meek Man (SLT)

Title: Host

Phone: (215) 377-9546 ext. 5

Email: st8likethat17@gmail.com

Experience: 3yrs Host of "Da Way We See It" Sports talk show on Blazing 267

Candy (SLT)

Title: Co-Host

Email: imbetternow33@gmail.com

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